Sunday, July 16, 2006

Today Was a Good Day

(Originally posted on Sunday, July 16, 2006 by Tim)

I?ve been asked about the dates of some of the baby pictures I?ve posted on the web site. Unless otherwise noted, the picture has been taken the day of the post. I?m hoping to post once a day. That way we?ll have a visual and verbal record of our experiences. It will be nice to look back through these posts and see how Dalton grew up. I?m not sure how long I?ll keep at this. Obviously, it?s going to be hard to get Dalton to pose for a picture for a post when he gets into his teen age years.

We had a good day today. Dalton slept 5 hours straight last night. He then woke up and was active and ?ate? for about 2 hours. He hardly cries at all. We had a checkup from Hannah and his weight and his color are looking good. She drew some blood to test for a number of different genetic disorders. Hannah drew what looked like a milliliter of blood from his heel which did result in crying. He pretty much stopped after the blood draw.

Probably more significant is that he has started nursing from Cat?s breast with the help of a nipple shield. She is still way ahead of him on milk and so she still needs to pump to keep her breasts from exploding or something like that. I assume her body will slow down or he will catch up and it will all even out. Regardless, it is a great improvement and we?re all very happy about it.

We?re all lying in bed at the moment and I wanted to share an interaction we?re having.

Dalton: (slight screech)

Cat: What?s up baby?

Tim: Do you want me to change him?

Cat: I don?t think he needs changing.

(no time passes)

Dalton: Brraatt!

Cat: (To Tim) Looks like you?re on.

One thing that has been very helpful has been having Cat?s mom and my mom and dad in town. They?ve been a great help with keeping us sane. Despite the fact that neither Cat nor I seem to know what day it is, the house is clean and everyone is well fed.

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