Thursday, July 13, 2006

Day 2

(Originally posted on Wednesday, July 12, 2006 by Tim)

I can already feel this web space threatening to become a string of baby posts and pictures. Over half our readership is probably grandparents so I expect it will be well received.

Both Cat and Dalton had a checkup from Hannah (our midwife) today. Both are doing well. Cat is healing fast and Dalton is progressing as expected. The only real difficulty at present is Dalton seems to be a little slow on picking up on breastfeeding. We?ve rented a breast pump and he is being fed colostrum from a syringe. Hopefully he will get things down in the next day or two. Regardless of the slope of his learning curve, he is getting fed.

Cat?s mom (Carol) was here for the birth. She actually made it just in time. The original plan was for her to come up here on the 10th after stopping in Tennessee for an appointment. Cat started having contractions early that day, but wasn?t sure if they were real since they were irregular. While talking together on the phone that morning Carol remarked, ?Feel free to get started without me.? Apparently Cat took her seriously. Carol arrived about an hour after Cat began active labor.

The picture above was taken today (Day 2). Dalton is being held by his aunt Jessica and is looking quite lively.

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