Wednesday, July 5, 2006

4th of July

(Originally posted on Tuesday, July 4, 2006 by Tim)

I hope everyone is having a good 4th of July. Cat and I are going over to a friend?s house for Middle Eastern food. Eating food from that region of the world on the 4th of July seems a bit un-American based on events of the last decade. Still, we like the food, so we?ll be off soon. I?m taking the precaution of eating bratwurst and baked beans before we go to try and keep us off the FBI and NSA watch lists.

The other issue with today?s dinner is that it is in Radford. Normally, this location is neither here nor there, but I was at work today and the entire city or Radford has no water. Our friends called ahead and warned Cat that there was only one flush left in the toilet. Cat got a double take out of me when she said, ?Oh, I?ll be fine.? As you all know, Cat is pregnant and due any day now. With the baby pressing on her bladder, she has to use the rest room every 10 minutes. Just this morning, she kicked me out of the bathroom in the middle of shaving because she couldn?t wait any longer. Now I know what you are thinking. Cathy could stand on her head at dinner and that would take the weight of the baby off her bladder. Unfortunately, it would put the weight on her lungs instead and then she wouldn?t be able to breathe. I suppose I?d better start finding some containers to load the car up with water to flush the toilets this evening.

On the bright side, these friends didn?t give us an option of something to bring and now we have something. I?ve been trying to think of an idea, but I keep coming up short. I was thinking about a bottle of wine, but they are wine people and always bring a really good bottle when we see them. I?ve been drinking very little wine the last few years and I don?t have a prayer of picking out something that wouldn?t be embarrassing. Another idea was to bring a basil plant over. Last time they were at our place, they commented on the basil hedge I had upstairs. Unfortunately, I haven?t prepared for this and I don?t have any basil plants ready to give away. Fortunately, I just thought of what they need. You guessed it, they need drinking water. Their entire town is out of water and has been all day. I bet their grocery stores are out as well. Water, it?s the perfect housewarming gift. We?ll pick some up on our way over.

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