Saturday, July 22, 2006

Oh say can you see...

(Originally posted on Saturday, July 22, 2006 by Tim)

Now that we have a baby, I have need of a skill that I haven?t used much since junior high school. When I?m trying to calm Dalton down when he is fussing or when I?m just trying to entertain him when he?s awake, I?ve been singing to him. I?ve clearly not been singing out loud much for the last 20 years as I can only remember the words to a few songs. Cat knows all the words to a whole pile of songs. She sings to him about dancing bears, pirate ships, and she knows all the words to multiple songs from Mary Poppins. Furthermore, all her singing is on key.

In contrast, I can?t seem to remember all the words to most songs. I even have trouble remembering the tunes to many songs when I try to hum them. I?ve been falling back on the Christmas tunes and I still can only remember the words to a few. From me, Dalton hears ?Silent Night?, ?Jingle Bells?, and the ?Star Spangled Banner?. I need to find some time to learn the words to more songs. The best way to do this might be to find some appropriate songs to load on my iPod for work.

I suppose Laura would point out that this would be an excellent opportunity to learn all the words to ?American Pie? before the next Catotti family wedding.*

*Those of you who are not Catottis or related to one through marriage will have to forgive me for this inside joke. You have to have attended my wedding AND Jessica?s wedding to really get this one. I suppose those of you who are not chemists or gamers may have cursed me several times already for inside jokes. Just wait until I start making jokes that only Catotti, chemist, gamers will get.

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