Friday, July 14, 2006

Demoted to Dog

(Originally posted on Thursday, July 13, 2006 by Tim)

...and you thought you would get a baby picture.

We had a couple of firsts today.

1. Cathy came downstairs for the first time from the birth.
2. Sam and Modi got to meet Dalton for the first time.
3. I changed my first (and second) diaper.

I'll let you decide which you think is the most exciting event.

Dalton is still slow on picking up breast feeding. We had a meeting with the lactation consultant at the local hospital today. She was great. She spent 2 hours with us and got Dalton to finally feed from Cat's breast. At two hours per session, it's no wonder they don't answer the phone. While we still have some work ahead of us, the improvement is very encouraging.

My parents arrived today and also met Dalton for the first time. Mom took this picture of her grandson. Note how Mr. Long Labor still has his hands up around his head.

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