Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Let's Celebrate!

(Originally posted on Tuesday, September 6, 2005 by Tim)


Did you know that it's National Payroll Week? Neither did I. The above message greeted me in cheerful, bold, capital letters when I opened my paychecks today. When I think of it, pretty much all of my paycheck is written in bold and capitals. Well, that is, everything except the actual amount I am being paid. That is written small, non-descript type. If fonts were animals, my payment type would be an ant. Not the big, black ants that seem to follow us around from state to state. It would be a small ant...the kind without mandibles.

So how the heck did we get a National Payroll Week anyway. Did some past president stand behind the podium and announce, "I hereby dedicate this week to all the payrolls out there who work hard to maintain this great nation of ours." How am I supposed to celebrate? Am I supposed to buy someone a card? Can I go down to my local Hallmark and find the Payroll Week cards between those for Plumbers Day and Lawyers That Aren't Evil Day (a small section). Once I have picked out an appropriate card, who do I give it to?

While you reflect on this questions, I wanted to share another funny moment from my day. Cat and I work at different schools that are about 25 minutes drive apart. As such we communicate alot by email. Well actually, we've been known to communicate by email when we've worked six doors down the hall from each other, but now it's better justified.

We only have one car and so one of us drops the other off each morning. I try to drop Cat off more often than vice versa because she can take the bus home and that makes the total car commute 45 morning minutes and 15 evening minutes vs. 45 morning minutes and 45 evening minutes. It just so happens that I did the driving this morning. Cat's parents and sister were in town this weekend and we are still trying to finish off the massive quantities of leftovers from when we had them over for dinner. In pursuit of this goal, I packed some large lunches.

As I drove in this morning, I ended up arriving at work just as the lab I am teaching was starting. I have three labs to teach today as I am covering for a co-worker and this means that I have only 11-12pm and 2-3pm to eat my lunch. At 11am, I head back to my office feeling hungry and I am decended upon by multiple students who delay me by about 20 minutes. I now only have 40 minutes to eat my lunch, grade some papers, and finish off my annual faculty report. I start hunting around my office to find my lunch and it is no where to be found. I think, "Hmmm, I must have left it in the car and the car is at Virginia Tech. Rats (not the actual word I used), I'm going to have to buy lunch and I've got no free time today." I fire a quick email off to Cat and ask, "Did I leave my lunch in the car?" I then proceed to do a bit of grading.

Cat replies to the email in a couple of minutes. Remember that I have the car at Radford as I dropped her off. Her reply is, "That module in wife is not installed. In addition, YOU have the car. However, based on your question, I would have to assume the answer is yes." Sigh, well this doesn't quite seem as funny as it did earlier today. I guess you had to be there.

Just in case you were curious, my lunch was in the car and it was quite good.