Saturday, November 28, 2009

D is for drum!

Well, that was disappointing. I spent way too much time combining five pictures of Dalton drumming on a box into an animated gif; only to have blogger change the format or some such and it won't display. Sigh!

Fortunately, living with a toddler has given me a whole new perspective on time needing to be productive.

I don't quite have Cathy's level of obsessive "keep at some technical problem until it works". However, 2 hours later, I did manage a work around with the movie below. It's not the looped like I really wanted, but it will have to do.

Dalton was in a drumming mood this morning. This was during the good hour and a half of "Dad and Dalton" time after we woke up. Cathy snuck out at 7 am for some uninterrupted time at the fabric store. She was there yesterday in the heat of Black Friday madness. In addition to the long lines and the whining to go home, I'm told the following conversation also occurred.

Dalton: "This yellow fabric would be good for a lion costume!"
Cathy: "It's after Halloween. We're not making a lion costume."
Dalton: "I know that."

(some time passes)

Dalton: "These black buttons would make great eyes for a lion costume!"
Cathy: "You were a penguin for Halloween. We're not making a lion costume."
Dalton: "I know that."

(some more time passes)

Dalton: "Let's pick out a pattern for a lion costume."
Cathy: "We're not making a lion costume."
Dalton: "I know that."

I can't imagine why she felt the need to slip out early this morning. I think she said something about Cricut cartridges.

Dalton woke up pretty much right after Cathy left and yelled for mommy. There was a couple of weeks a year or so ago where he would yell for mommy and daddy, but even then he meant mommy.

He was less than pleased to find that mommy was out and wasn't going to be back for a while. His response was to kick me out of bed and wail for 20 minutes straight. It was actually convincing at the beginning, but evolved its way to forced. We keep telling him he needs acting lessons, but he hasn't caught on yet.

Wow! I don't sound like a very sympathetic parent here. I assure you that I have seen them played by actors on TV.

I did feel bad for him, but I also think waking up without mommy being there is a skill he needs to start working on. Next time, we will let him know it will happen the night before.

He cheered up and we had some fun play for about an hour and a half until he hit his head on the wall 5 minutes before Cathy got home.

Our housekeeper came over and vacuumed, dusted, and scrubbed today. She normally shows up on Thursday, but Cathy pushed her visit back due to Thanksgiving. We cleared out for most of the 3+ hours she was here. Our late morning adventures involved the Mall, Michaels, and Target.

While we were at the Mall, I noticed that Dalton can do algebra. He normally rides the cars and a carousel. The cars cost two quarters and the carousel costs one. Today he asked how many quarters we had. After learning we had four, he stated "I can ride the horse (carousel) two times and the car one time." I was pretty impressed.

Another thing that has been going on is that he is in "a sensitive period for language". That's fancy Montessori speak for he's interested in words right now. He now has about 15 words he can read and spell. It seems that he's picking up an extra word or two every day. Here's my recollection of the current list.


Hmmm, I think there are more. Cathy would be able to give a better account, but she's currently trying to get him to sleep.

You might have noticed that we have been teaching him words we normally spell out in front of him. While it is a sacrifice to parental sanity, reseach shows that people learn best when things are most relevant. Besides, I can always talk about the grand excavation that has been sealed and filled with a dilute aqueous solution of sodium hypochlorite.

*Papa will note that he's the first grandparent to make the list. He, of course, has a level of difficulty advantage over Grandma and Grandpa. However, it would be reasonable to gloat around Bana.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


So I'm a big slacker for not getting this up earlier. Cathy asked Dalton what he wanted to be for Halloween and he said "a penguin". We couldn't find any penguin costumes for sale so Cathy proved her awesomomness by sewing this for him. He was quite the hit at the mall getting many ooohs and aaahs.

We managed to dodge the bullet on the candy handout again this year. He was watching the other kids line up to have things put in bags while we were there, but he didn't ask about it. I would expect that this was our last candy free year.

Cathy was critical of her work in that she thought she made the costume too large. I think it looks great. If it is too big, maybe he'll want to be a penguin next year.
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