Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dalton Hates Tummy Time

(Originally posted on Monday, December 25, 2006 by Tim)

As I've indicated earlier, Dalton is less than fond of being on his tummy. I'm convinced he has been able to roll from his back to his stomach for weeks, but he's been holding out on us because he has figured out the consequences. As part of the process of avoiding tummy time, he has become quite an expert at sitting on his own. Still, he occasionally topples over and finds himself on his stomach.

Today's picture was taken by his aunt Laura. As you can see, he's been developing a tolerance for tummy time. It's a process akin to that described in old spy movies where one of the spooks has spent years slowly developing an immunity to some obscure poison. Dalton has spent months working working his way from ballistic the instant his stomach touches the floor to being only moderately annoyed for the first three or four seconds. His mood then escalates geometrically until someone corrects the situation.