Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Our First Date (Since the Birth)

(Originally posted on Tuesday, July 18, 2006 by Tim)

I?ve been trying, and failing horribly, to get back into emailing friends and relatives since the birth. What emails I have managed to send may not have been the most interesting. Between sleep deprivation and primary focus on the baby, my ?prose? has been something less than scintillating.

I?ve read that having a baby will result in the loss of your single friends. I?m not sure if there is a gender bias to this, but I think I?m going to have to be careful. I received an email from a friend of mine where he talked about his yard and video games (two of our normal topics). He finished up his email with, ?As for nipple guards, waaaay too much information.?

As a result, today?s post will be devoid of any discussion of breast feeding.

As most of this post is about yesterday, the picture above is also from yesterday. I think he looks really good in blue.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. My mom and I picked raspberries (over a half gallon) in the back yard while my dad mowed. It really looks good back there now. My parents also made a delicious vegetarian lasagna for dinner. They have been a ton of help with the house and meals during their visit. In addition, my parents and I have been sneaking off to the gym while they have been here. Counting today, I?ve managed to get four workouts in a row.

I want to make sure to give Carol credit for all the support she has been lending as well. She has been fantastic in supporting Cat and keeping the house from turning into a disaster zone. She asked how long we?d like her to stay the other day and my thoughts were that January would work just fine. Unfortunately, she has this pesky job thing that she has to get back to in a few weeks.

Another thing that made yesterday a good day is that Cat and I had our first ?date? since the birth. It wasn?t all that fancy a date. We went out to Coldstone for ice cream. For those of you that aren?t familiar with Coldstone, it is essentially the Starbucks of ice cream. You walk up to the counter and select the type of ice cream you want and then a series of toppings. The student (we are a college town) behind the counter takes your ice cream, places it on a cooled marble slab, and folds your various toppings into it. You then go to the cash register and exchange a week?s pay for roughly a week?s worth calories.

I let Cat order since I was planning to only have a few bites (I ate half of course). She ordered a decadent quadruple chocolate monstrosity. It was chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, and chocolate brownies. The only thing that was not chocolate was the cone (I guess she missed on that one). I thoroughly approved of her choice. In the past, she has ordered what I like to call ?Strawberry abomination?. It is composed of strawberry ice cream with chocolate chips. It?s not that I don?t like strawberry ice cream with chocolate chips, it?s just that a place like Coldstone is all about self-indulgence and excess. For the price I pay in dollars and calories for a dessert there, I want them to contract a mad scientist to research arcane ways to bend the laws of physics to pack more chocolate into my cone. I also expect that the cocoa beans used to have been backpacked out the Himalayas by a caravan of Yeti. Strawberry ice cream and chocolate chips is just?well kinda boring.

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