Friday, August 4, 2006


(Originally posted on Friday, August 4, 2006 by Tim)

Well, I'm beat. Today was my birthday and we had caprese and yellow squash fritters for dinner. I also got alot of cool birthday loot.

As you can see, Baby Dal got me a big hug for my birthday. He also bought me a card and a nice ice cream scoop. I'm not sure how he managed to afford either. The market for baby poo must be better than I thought.

Baby Dal also continued his pattern of waking up in late afternoon or early evening and becoming pretty much inconsolable. This tends to fry our nerves quite a bit. It's actually significantly worse for Cat than for me. I don't have hormones that make me jump when he cries and I don't have to fight with him to see if he wants to be fed. All the same, I was pretty stressed out by the time he and Cat got to sleep.

I now fully understand the phrase, "For goodness sake, don't wake the baby!" Cat and I were using sign language when he finally drifted off.

To wind down, I had a big glass of wine and watched Shawn of the Dead. I would recommend it if you're not looking for anything deep. It's a romantic comedy...with zombies.

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