Friday, August 4, 2006

Kung Fu Baby

(Originally posted on Thursday, August 3, 2006 by Tim)

I was looking back at the picture that I posted on August 1st. I thought I should share that Dalton has his ?I?m filling a diaper? face on in that picture.

We went out to dinner with friends tonight in Radford. Baby Dal was well behaved in the restaurant as usual. He was also surprisingly quiet in the car on the way over. Dalton is apparently broken in the fact that he doesn?t like riding in the car.* I think this was the first time we have made a 15 minute plus drive without him melting down. He was pretty fussy with Cat today so I think he might have just been worn out.

After dinner, he woke up and started crying in the car. We pulled into the parking lot at Radford so Cat could nurse him. It actually ended up being a nice stop. We walked around campus and ended up singing Old McDonald to him together before starting back home.

One thing always surprises me. I get an aerobic workout and lift weights about 5 times a week. I can bench near 200 pounds and I overhead press something over 120 pounds. Why is it then that carrying an 11 pound baby for 20 minutes makes my back sore. I swear that his density increases when I pick him up.

I keep telling Baby Dal that he has super powers. I swear he can create matter as he fills multiple diapers in a single hour. Using his chameleon like skin, he can change from pale to deep red while simultaneously emitting high pitched sound waves to terrify his foes. He has also demonstrated the ability to manipulate mammals over 10 times his size. Baby Dal doesn?t rest on his laurels. He hones his fearsome powers with hours of intense training. Tonight I was able to sneak up on him and snap a picture of him practicing his Kung Fu. For those of you wondering what to buy the baby who has everything, he needs a ninja suit?or a pirate suit?or both.

*I may have already posted about this. If I did, I apologize. There?s a Y chromosome linked gene in the Johann family that causes us to repeat stories over and over. As the gene is Y linked, Baby Dal has it too. Since he is only three weeks old, he doesn?t have many stories to tell and we hear the same ones over and over.

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