Sunday, August 13, 2006

Daltonzilla does Roanoke

(Originally posted on Sunday, August 13, 2006 by Cathy)

Well, we had a successful trip to Roanoke yesterday. We started out around 1pm, by going to Radford (which is in the opposite direction) to move an instrument. (Too heavy for Tim to move alone.) Dalton fell asleep in the car and slept through an hour of unplugging, moving, recabling, etc. (The silly thing has like 15 parts and 100 cables. I'm not exaggerating - much.) So around 2pm, it was time to head out to Roanoke. 2pm is about two hours before Daltonzilla usually makes an appearance, and we were an hour away from Roanoke, so I wasn't all that optimistic that this was a good idea, especially since we wanted to get Thai food, look for a dresser for our bedroom, and buy some pants that I could conceivably wear to opening week at Roanoke College without too much embarrassment.

We actually managed to do everything in Roanoke without a major meltdown, although Dalton did insist on eating in JCPenney's (twice) while I shopped, and in the Thai restaurant. I love my baby sling.

We did have some crankiness in the car on the way home (at which point it was 7pm, which is well into normal Daltonzilla primetime). We stopped and I fed him again. I thought I'd failed to settle him down when he went back to crying once we started back on the road again, but he conked out and slept the rest of the way home within a couple minutes.

So call that trip a success. We didn't find a dresser, but we did find a coatrack/bench/cabinet thingy for the entryway.

Of course, we paid for the delayed appearance of Daltonzilla. We had about an hour of totally inconsolable last night once we got home. We were going to try to watch The Butterfly Effect, but Tim declared it to be too intense to watch while trying to deal with a screaming baby. So we ended up watching The Fifth Element instead. The Fifth Element, despite the lousy reviews, is quite possibly Tim's favorite movie of all times, which means we've both seen it enough times that it hardly matters if there's a screaming baby drowning out some of the dialogue.

And that was our day. Daltonzilla gave up for the night and fell asleep about 20 minutes into the (second) movie, but we stayed up until midnight watching the rest of the movie. (Not like we didn't know how it ended!) We'll see just how much we regret that today. Dalton and I got up at 7 this morning when he got squirmy. I caught a half hour catnap while Tim walked him around, and now Dalton's asleep on my lap again as I type this, so we'll have to decide whether we're going to use his nap for napping, or cleaning, or showering, or... well, the list is endless.

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