Wednesday, August 9, 2006


(Originally posted on Wednesday, August 9, 2006 by Cathy)

Dalton weighed 11 pounds 3 oz today, although he had on a onesie and diaper at the time. He's now somewhere between the 75th and 90th percentile for weight, having gained about a pound in the last two weeks. Nothing definitive from his doctor today on why Dalton seems to have only two modes (fussy/gassy and sleeping). I'm cutting dairy out of my diet this week to see if that has any impact. Fuuun. First I get to cut out dairy for 3 days, then soy for three days, then (insert large list of possible allergens that can appear in breast milk), in hopes of finding something that magically converts DaltonZilla into a happier and less gassy baby when he's awake. We'll see if it works. Whatever's going on currently isn't -awful- (weight gain is occuring, he sleeps fine, and he's consolable if you're willing to do something different every 5 minutes for hours at a stretch), it just seems like it could be better.

This isn't the best picture of either of the boys, but it DOES show off Dalton's leg pudge (and favorite carrying position for this 5 minutes) rather well.

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