Monday, August 7, 2006

Baby Dal has his first date

(Originally posted on Monday, August 7, 2006 by Tim)

We were very busy socially this week. On Thursday, we went out to dinner with friends. On Saturday, we were at Larry and Jessica?s place for Larry?s birthday. Yesterday we went out to dinner with our neighbors who loaned us an air conditioner (more on this later). To put this in perspective, we would go out with friends or family perhaps once a month BD (before Dalton). Apparently, having a child has resulted in a tremendous boost to our social life.

On Saturday, Dalton was one of 3 babies at Larry?s birthday party. It was nice to sit down with other parents and compare notes. Both of the other babies were girls. The one next to Dalton in the picture is four days older than him. Once again we have proof that Baby Dal is huge.

Dalton has kept up his pattern of general cranky and inconsolable beginning in early evening and ending at bed time. Last night, Cat and I decided to combat this with tag team parenting. One of us takes him for 10 minutes while the other gets some rest and then we switch. I?ve been making up for my inability to produce milk by dancing with him. It has been so effective that I made up a dance music playlist for my iPod. I?ve lulled him to sleep three times in the last 24 hours. I?d say it?s an excellent backup when Cat setting her nipples to stun doesn?t work.

I based on our evening battles, I?d been thinking that Dal was a difficult baby. I realized today that grumpy generally tends to occur at the same time each day so we can plan for it. Even better, Dalton hasn?t been cranky during our sleeping hours for at least two weeks. He is already sleeping 3 to 7 hours a night. When he does wake up, he nurses reasonably quietly and then goes to sleep. I have decided to revise my assessment of him to predicably grumpy.

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