Sunday, May 30, 2004

Why moving to our new house will be sort of like Christmas

(Originally posted on Sunday, May 30, 2004 by Cathy)

  1. At Christmas, there is wrapping paper and boxes everywhere. When we move in, there will be packing paper and boxes everywhere. Probably for longer than for Christmas.

  2. We're going to open up the walls and see what we find. Sort of like opening packages to see what's inside, only different somehow.

  3. There will be blinking and flickering lights, and possibly some overloaded circuits. Unlike Christmas, the lights will likely not be pretty colors.

  4. We'll look at our credit card statements for several months afterwords and wonder what we were thinking.

  5. There will not be prancing, but there will most certainly be pawing. And there will definitely be clatter out on the lawn.

  6. Not so sure about ashes and soot, but high probability of dust.

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