Thursday, October 2, 2008

Voting Obama, but not a yippie?

A friend just posted this list, of things Obama supporters are supposed to do/like:
Your exercise regimen involves trail running.
You like burgers made from grass-fed local beef.
You use Sugar in the Raw as a sweetener.
Your favorite supermarket cookie is a soft chocolate chip.
Your fast food restaurant of choice is Panera Bread.
You shop at your local farmers' market.
Your shopping cart includes the following products:
  • Bear Naked Granola
  • Lara Bar energy bars
  • Olive Oil
  • IZZE Sparkling Juice drinks
  • Wolfgang Puck All Natural frozen pizza
  • Kettle Chips
We're at 2 for 12 on that list. (Olive oil and Panera.) We might make 3 for 12 if the "local" farmer's market at home weren't 20 minutes away and closed about when we can manage to get moving on Saturday mornings, but since we never make it to the one in Salem, which is blocks from work, I guess we don't get a pass on it.

But we're voting for Obama, really! Honest! It's just that our grocery store cart contents are weird-looking.


  1. Well, you guys do live pretty far from a fancy grocery store. We have to drive 1/2 an hour to go to Whole Foods, but at least we have a nice, new Harris Teeter in town that does carry alot of organic stuff, even if it's way overpriced...!
    When do we get to see pics of the new house??
    I'm very sorry about Modi. We lost two pets unexpectedly over the past year, too. It's rough.
    Btw, if you create an account, ask to be friended, and log in, you can read *all* my posts (1-2/day)... I keep most of them "locked."
    Big hugs! Lord, Dalton is growing up so fast!

  2. No new house yet - still trying to get the old one ready to sell, and given the current market, we're not in all that much hurry, either.

  3. Oh, maybe you thought that we'd moved from the kitchen picture? That's our new kitchen, in our old house. I guess we weren't done with it when you visited? Can't remember now...