Tuesday, October 21, 2008

He dressed himself...honest!

Dalton has strong opinions about lots of things. I have two general rules for acceptable behavior.

1. The activity must not be inherently dangerous.
2. The activity must not have a high probability of resulting in a claim on our home owner's policy.

If a proposed enterprise meets the two criteria above, I generally go along with it. Of course, there are exceptions. There was the cluster of days where Dalton was throwing fits when Mommy or Daddy mixed yogurt with fruit (our meals, not his). There are also schedule restrictions. We need to get to work and he needs to get to school by a certain time. We also need to get home by a certain time to let dogs out.

The picture above is an example of Dalton getting what he wants. We finished up with a bath that started when he insisted he needed to wash his beach ball. After, I was trying to get him to put some clothes on. I was pleasantly surprised that he was interested in putting on clothes. He was, however, also interested in picking out the clothes on his own. One iteration on the way to this outfit involved putting a shirt over the overalls. Unfortunately, that fashion statement was not long for the world and this is where we ended up before bedtime.

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