Saturday, October 4, 2008

Singing the ABCs

So Dalton has become very good at singing the ABCs. Actually, he probably has 30+ songs that he sings, at least half of which we recognize. Since I've been working on uploading the old pictures of him walking, it seemed like time to update our video collection. Here's my first attempt:

And my second attempt:

And then it got really silly (ABCs with the tongue out, while being fed cheerios, anyone?)

Other than totally failing to take any decent video, we had a nice day today. We took the usual Baby Dal whirlwind tour of the coffee shop, playground, and library (on foot, with D in the backpack for most of it), and now D's conked out taking a nap, at least for the moment. Time to grade some chemistry quizzes....

(Want to see those old videos? Click the "multimedia" link at the bottom of the post.)

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