Sunday, September 20, 2009

Put the camera away Dad

It used to be so easy to take pictures of Dalton. All good things won't last forever I suppose. Not only has he replaced the natual smile with the forced "cheese" but he often doesn't want his picture taken. Here we have a "train" or a set of benches that sit next to where the train goes by. I'm not sure. It seemed to keep changing.

Note the lack of pants which is the status quo around here. Today we actually have long pants and no shirt going. He's been in the mood to kick boxes around so perhaps it is his karate outfit. I suppose it makes a good balance to yesterday (Talk Like a Pirate Day).

We are having a good weekend here. Yesterday was the "Daniel Boone ripped us off" festival in downtown Christiansburg. It was bigger than in past years which was nice to see. Regardless, it didn't impact our Saturday all that much. We did our normal coffee shop then library morning. Dalton didn't express an interest in the blow up bouncy room or the pony rides at the festival and we weren't going out of our way to get him on them. He'll actually get a chance at the blow up bouncy room this Friday at Roanoke College.

Dalty spent much of yesterday putting together a new Lego house with Mom. Cathy caught the Lego Green Grocer on sale and sent me a frantic email to order it for her for Christmas. I think it sat in the house for a whole 18 hours before being opened. It's partly my fault. I unpacked it because I wanted the shipping box for cardboard recycling. Once it was visible, it became unresistable (to Cathy).
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