Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Dalton has rediscovered naps at school. It's funny, one of his teachers commented that a number of his cohort have voted naps back onto the island. I've tried to explain to Dalton that most adults would kill to get a nap in the middle of the day. I might have tranlated this to "give up their treat (chocolate) milk for a nap." I don't have any illusions that he actually listened to me. I expect that the lack of sleep just caught up with him (and his friends).

Dalton is pictured this last weekend when he was in a karate mood. Here we were stacking boxes so he could kick them down. We tried to get the perfect action shot, but we just couldn't get the timing right.

We went out for indian food tonight and I noticed that Dalton is a master of skills needed in academia. Professors often think about something known as the least publishable unit (or LPU). Academia can be publish or perish. This encourages some/many to put the minimal data possible into each paper so as to maximize the number of publications. At the restaurant, we ordered our usual saag paneer (spinach and cheese), chana masala (chickpeas), naan (yummy bread), and a mango lassi (a mango flavored yogurt drink with way too much sugar). We repeatly told Dalton that he could have a sip of mango lassi if he ate some chickpeas and some spinach. Each time, he took a tiny bite of each before asking for the mango lassi (his LEU or least eaten unit).
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