Thursday, January 11, 2007

Starting work, and daycare, and...

(Originally posted on Thursday, January 11, 2007 by Tim)

It's been a crazy week here already, and the craziness is really just starting. Today, I left Tim and Dalton home alone together for a full work day. They've been together for a couple hours at a stretch before, but never anything resembling a whole day. I'm sort of sorry to report that I don't appear to be entirely irreplaceable, but mostly I'm relieved to report that they did great, Dalton napped (briefly anyway), and screaming was minimal.

Dalton conked out at 7:30 tonight, which is much earlier than usual, probably because he slept less during the day than usual. So we had dinner (sort of in shifts, since Tim had dinner ready while I was still nursing Dalton) and are now about to open presents. Yeah, Christmas presents. This is about when we do it most years.

This week's other big news is that Dalton just got off the wait-list for the Montessori school, and he's starting there on Monday. They sent me home today with a huge shopping list and pile of forms to fill out, including one that his pediatrician (who is on maternity leave) is supposed to sign. That's going to be tomorrow's aggravation, I can tell already.

I had my first field session with the breast pump today. I pumped roughly what Tim fed Dalton (and what ran down Dalton's chin) while I was gone, so it looks like the supply/demand ratio is running pretty close to 1.

The photo was taken by Gail last week while we were visiting. This is her sink, not ours. Ours is installed, but we have to do the plumbing to supply it with WATER still, hopefully this weekend. Maybe next week we'll feature a photo in OUR kitchen.


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