Sunday, January 14, 2007

Kitchen update

(Originally posted on Sunday, January 14, 2007 by Cathy)

Jessica came over yesterday to watch Dalton while Tim and I did work on the kitchen. Now normally, Dalton LOVES his aunt Jes. Loves her to bits. Giggles for her more than anyone else. Yesterday was apparently not a normal day, and I hope it doesn't bode ill for school tomorrow.

I did get most of the plumbing done, although I have to track down a leak and get a stuck joint unstuck in the hot water supply line so that we can hook up the dishwasher. It's the classic 90% done, but the last 10%'s likely to be a bear.

I got my materials mostly uploaded to blackboard this morning in the coffee shop while Dalton slept on my lap, but I still need to polish up my lecture for tomorrow and figure out exactly what's going on the first homework assignment. And I need to gather up the stuff Dalton needs for school tomorrow from its locations throughout the house (including the clothes line). But hey, I still have 18 hours until my first lecture, and Dalton's bound to sleep for a couple of those.

Another photo from our trip to MN. Still catching up.

(Cathy posting again, just realized I'm -still- logged in as Tim.)

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