Friday, October 20, 2006

One down...

(Originally posted on Friday, October 20, 2006 by Tim)

E is for edgy, that no one likes to see rawr rawr?
and F is for fussy, it?s Dalton?s specialty rawr rawr?
and G is for grumpy, he?s a big grump you see?
and Dalton Dalton Dalton starts with D rawr rawr rawr rawr.

Cat pointed out to me that I hadn?t posted about meeting one of my life goals a few weeks ago. Yes, Cat and I finally beat Diablo II on hardcore mode. It?s a victory that has been two years in the making. We lost a few characters along the way. When we play these games, we both tend to be fond of making glass cannons. In other words, we like to play characters that are all offense and no defense. This isn?t a good match for hardcore mode where you lose your character and have to start over if he/she dies. Over the years, we progressed to higher defense characters and finally managed a combination that let us win the game.

The last fights in the game were rather tough. This was not so much a result of the game mechanics as much as Dalton feeling grumpy the Saturday we sat down and finish the game. We had to take turns where one of us played while the other held and sang to Baby Dal. Eventually, we got to the final battle and had to set him in his bouncy chair for 5-10 minutes. He was having none of it and protested loudly the entire fight. I think we both felt pretty bad by the end. If he ends up pursuing a life of crime as an adult, I?m pretty sure it?s that 10 minutes of not being held that will be the cause.

Today?s picture is a screen shot of the account that contains the characters that Cat and I beat the game with. The title Guardian is given to characters that have won. I played the barbarian and Cat played the druid.

Before you start protesting loudly about the lack of baby picture, I have a special surprise today. I finally managed to record Baby Dal when he was in a talky (and happy) mood. You can be assured that this was not recorded when we were fighting the final battle in Diablo II.

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