Friday, December 8, 2006

Dalton's First Snowfall

(Originally posted on Friday, December 8, 2006 by Tim)

We?ve had warm weather this winter, but that ended yesterday. I?d been half dreading/half waiting for things to get cold so I could see how much benefit we gained by insulating our attic last spring. So far, we?ve felt the benefits as it has been significantly warmer upstairs compared to downstairs. The good news, is that it was still significantly warmer upstairs this morning. The bad news is that it was 63 degrees Fahrenheit downstairs this morning.

It got down below zero with wind chill last night. I?m not sure how wind chill affects houses. There must be an effect as I would expect more cold air to blow in and also remove any warmer air from around the house. However, it seems that wind chill is specific to objects that can give off water and I don?t think that is the house. Still, based on the house?s performance, I?m hoping that last night is one of our coldest nights.

Our kitchen remodel continues to drag out. The guy we?ve brought in to put down the linoleum is unhappy with the job that was done by the guy who put down the underlayment. It?s not a great shock considering we let the first guy go given the sloppy quality of his work on other things. It looks like the remodel is going to stretch into the new year.

Yay! More dinner preparation in the bathtub!

Today?s picture was taken yesterday when we got home from our shopping trip. The snow had let up a little bit at this point. My collection of pictures of this moment have either Dalton smiling and Cat half in the picture or Dalton not smiling and Cat full in the picture. It looks like I better keep my day job.

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