Tuesday, July 27, 2004

We Have Internet Access!

(Originally posted on Tuesday, July 27, 2004 by Tim)

Well sort of. We now have a land phone line at the house and we are using the modem to log on. We should have DSL at the beginning of next week.

The new phone number is 540-382-0008. Cathy thinks that it is a great number, but my first response was, "It doesn't spell anything." If you want a phone number that spells something, you need to not have any zeros or ones in it. Rarely have I gotten a phone number that fit that bill. Our Seattle number 425-355-2763 did spell things. It spelled easy to remember stuff like: gal-elk-a-pod and half-5-lbs-me. Our cell phone 425-238-8339 also contains no ones or zeros and spells: gal-be-tuff-9 and gal-bet-8-few. If only our Christiansburg phone number was 382-8888, then we could have "duct-tut". Or if we had 382-2228 it would spell "dub-a-bat". I'm pretty sure that "dub-a-bat" is our president's secret crime fighting alter ego. On second thought, it might just be better to have a number that is easy to remember directly.

It's cheap to have a vanity plate out here so I might have to make up for the lack of interesting number by getting a cool plate for our "hot rod".

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