Saturday, July 31, 2004

Oh, I forgot...

(Originally posted on Saturday, July 31, 2004 by Cathy)

Just to add to the list of things accomplished before noon... I did give Benny his first bath of the day, and talk to my folks.

For those of you don't know Benny, he's my sister's husband dog, he's a chihuahua mix, he's 15 years old, weighs less than his age, and has no use of any of his four legs. He can, however, wag, as we discovered last night. It's about his only redeeming feature, beyond having a sweet personality. He's staying with us this weekend while Jes and Larry are in D.C. Benny is mostly a happy camper as long as he's being held (which is not entirely compatible with kitchen demolition), but last night we had a point where we just couldn't seem to get him happy. Bark, whine, squirm (he can squirm). Food? no. Being held? no. Being held differently? no. Going out to pee (an adventure in itself)? no. Finally we put him on his other side, and he settled down. Go figure. It's sort of like dealing with a baby - you can tell something's wrong, but they won't tell you what.

Benny hates his crate. He's willing to lie on his bed on the floor for a few hours (depending on mood) without being held, but he wants nothing at all to do with his crate. It could be worse - it turns out that our dogs just ignore him, so at least he can lie on his bed in the middle of the room and we're not having to fend off dogs an order of magnitude larger. Last night, I figured we'd put him in his crate to sleep, since I hadn't seen enough of the interaction with the other dogs to completely trust them yet. Bark, yip, whine. Bark, yip, whine. We dragged his crate into a different room. Bark, yip, whine, but somewhat drowned out by the traffic noise. I woke up around 3 am to some more ambitious barking (not happy about sharing his crate with some poop) and took pity on him and let him sleep the rest of the night sprawled across my chest. Apparently this is much closer to the manner in which he is accustomed to being kept, since he didn't make a peep for the rest of the night. Guess we'll do that again tonight. Sam and TY don't seem to mind sharing the bed, although Modi was apparently traumatized to vomit nuclear yellow puke on the carpet. Hmm. Yet another thing to get done today.

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