Sunday, December 6, 2009

More LEGOs

We have a long and distinguished history of opening Christmas gifts early in our house (provided they are LEGOs). The latest installment is shown at the left.

I haven't quite been bitten by the LEGO bug like Cathy has, however, I do think the Tantive IV is cool. Not having any better large gift ideas for Christmas and under a constant barrage of requests to update my list, I asked Cathy for this set.

Cathy bought this and my big LEGO gift for her during the Black Friday sales. The two sets arrived in the mail shortly after and I broke mine out on Sunday. It has turned into very nice Dalton and Daddy time. I generally pick out the LEGOs and he puts them on. I'd say he's placed over 60% of the LEGOS so far.

Here's a picture of Sunday's progress. The figures aren't supposed to be in it yet, but Dalton wanted them there. It has already been flying around the room despite the lack of thrusters. I'm thinking of daily updates as long as he's interested.

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