Monday, August 6, 2007

New York Wedding

(Originally posted on Sunday, August 5, 2007 by Tim)

We are in New York this weekend for my cousin?s wedding. The ceremony was held in a Catholic church with beautiful stained glass and fifty foot cathedral ceilings. The place was immaculate to arms length (or greater distance) inspection. I always wonder how you do cleaning and maintenance on a ceiling that high. I guess they bring in one of those cherry picker things. This church had an older feel to it which makes me wonder what they did before someone invented cherry pickers. I?m guessing really tall ladders or they had someone swinging around in the rafters on ropes.

We?ve always worried a bit that Dalton might burst into flame when we bring him into a church. He?s been in a few so far, but all he seems to do is break into a rash. I coated him with a whole tube of hydrocortisone cream to try and keep him happy during the wedding. Unfortunately, he only lasted about five minutes before he started testing the acoustics in the room. Needless to say, Cathy and I spent most of the service walking him around outside. I am curious as to one thing. How many sins did Dalton/we rack up for him eating Goldfish crackers during communion.

The reception was held at a golf club that had a beautiful view of Seneca Lake. Golf courses seem to have less of an allergenic affect on Dalton than churches and he had a good time. He enjoyed crawling and walking around the ballroom and pretty much getting into anything that Mom and Dad would allow. It was a fun party and not so loud that we felt the need to remove him.

A nice benefit of the trip was that Dalton got to see a number of his relatives on my side of the family for the first time. The picture above is of him with his Great Grandma Buswell.

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