Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dalty vs The Dragon II

(Originally posted on Sunday, November 12, 2006 by Tim)

Things have been busy here. Halloween is two weeks gone and I'm finally managing to post about it. We've had my parents visiting and Brian and Aduin as well. Everyone had seen Dalton before this visit and enjoyed the new, more interactive Dalton. He has developed the coordination to grab things. My favorite is when he tries to pull Cat's placemat (and plate) off the dinner table. For some reason, she suggests that I need to hold him more when we eat when I express my amusement.

The other cool thing he has started in the last few days is that he is kicking things in a directed manner. He has a "baby gym" in his crib that has a few hanging toys. The gym has two arches. One hangs things over him at roughly shoulder level and the other dangles a ball with a few inches beyond his feet. Our little soccer player has begun looking at the ball and then kicking his foot at it to make it fly. He only kicks at it when he is looking at it. I am, of course, smitten with the behavior. It?s really a joy to watch his coordination skills develop.

Ahhh, but this post is supposed to be about Halloween. Some people go all out on decorating their yard for Halloween. They put up gravestones, hang scarecrows, and put out hand carved pumpkins to make the trick or treaters feel welcome. They really get into the spirit of things. Cat and I, we have a different strategy for Halloween. We turn out the lights and pretend we?re not home. If we?re planning ahead, we pile dog poop on the side walk as a biological deterrent.

With Dalton on board, our Halloween activities (or lack thereof) are going to have to change. We decided to warm up for Halloweens to come by dressing Dalton up this year. We were assisted in this endeavor by our friend Kris, who made Dalton a chain mail shirt. As you can see from the picture, Dalton was a knight this year. Cat and I have been discussing whether or not Dalty will get to play with toy guns. As you can see from his costume, we?ve compromised. He won?t get to play with toy guns, but we?ve started him on knives before four months.

For more Dalton Halloween photos, check out the album.

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