Monday, April 9, 2007

Dalty needs more toys!

(Originally posted on Monday, April 9, 2007 by Tim)

Our storage system for Dalton?s playroom came in. We didn?t get any feedback from our vast readership so we went with our original design. The colors are custom. The white and red colors are a good match with the trim and couch in the room respectively. The yellow/orange ended up a shade light. I?m not going to bother taking up the yellow color with the manufacturer as I?ve been on an seemingly endless quest to get Home Depot to match our trim downstairs. It's just not as plug and play as advertised. That endeavor is probably it?s own blog post. I doubt it will get written considering my recent consistency in posting.

The entire system was shipped Fed Ex (ground I assume) and would have fit in the back of my car.* Accordingly, some assembly was required. I think we spent about six hours on the assembly once all was said and done. It was pretty expensive too. We probably shouldn?t have spent all that money on it. However, I?m convinced that if my parents had bought me one of these things, that I?d be the CEO of a multinational corporation right now.

All kidding aside, we?re very happy with it. Even Dalty loves it. It was especially rewarding to set him up next to it when it was done. The lower level is just the right height so he can hold himself up with one hand and bash it with a toy held in the other. Lots of smiles were to be had and those are priceless even if they are moderately abundant.

*Actually, I don?t own a car. Both cars are in Cat?s name. She reminds me of this often.

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