Thursday, August 12, 2004

This biog entry was serrated using handwriting recognition

(Originally posted on Thursday, August 12, 2004 by Tim)

So Radford gave me this
y cool tablet compute
Yesterday. I'm not sire how In
going to use it yet, but it
has this. what? No! I'm
not drunk! why would you
think I was drink? As I was
Saying, It has this great hard
writing recognition tool. I was
thinking that Insight use it
as a blackboard 17%. no,
Ian rot termite! yes, I
an sweep

sign, ole, as I was
saying - that that it would
be great to write on the tablet
instead of the black board and

seer save my class rotes aid
post then... No, I an not
tern m t! It's " Anthe 9
orris, whey The neck would
I be drink this early. I
cart renumber the last time
I was/ante in fact. n
t did
st mean that t
offer forget sinking
epic-des! I neat that

neur mind : sometimes
I art throw why I
thru with you people

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