Tuesday, March 21, 2006


(Originally posted on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 by Tim)

Have I yet written a post about how much I hate Kroger? Living out in the middle of Virginia, we just don?t have good choices for supermarkets. Worse yet, of the three city area we live in (Christiansburg/Blacksburg/Radford), ours is the only one without a health food store. While there are four supermarkets in Christiansburg, our best two options are Kroger and Walmart.

Yes, I know Walmart is evil. That?s why we try to do most of our shopping at Kroger. However, Kroger has to be the worst stocked supermarket that I have frequented. They are regularly out of basic staples in our diet. I live in fear each week that they will decide to have a sale on an item we purchase. This is a sure guarantee that limited quantities will immediately sell out and be replaced by an empty space on the shelf for the next two weeks. I will actually stock up on tofu weeks ahead in case a swarm of locusts should descend upon the ?you?ll be happier if you don?t try to pretend it?s meat? isle. These folks have actually ran out of vegetable stock. Yes, that?s right, vegetable stock!

Kroger?s latest stunt has been to no longer stock adequate quantities of organic milk. We prefer to buy skim organic milk. I like the skim because I?m trying to lose weight and Cat likes the organic part. I?m not exactly sure where I read this, but I think milk becomes organic when steel wool and old hub caps are removed from the donating cow?s diet. The lack of skim organic milk resulted in my wandering aimlessly around in front of a dairy case full of hub cap fortified milk while muttering obscenities under my breath. I was about to stomp off when I noticed that they had multiple shelves of soy milk. I picked up a brand called ?Silk?, noted that it was the same price as organic milk, and decided to give it a try.

This isn?t the first time I?ve attempted to try soy milk. We bought it once before in Seattle. I like to think of myself as an adventuresome eater. However, in Seattle, we bought the soy milk and I never tried it. Tonight I decided I wanted a chai tea but realized that I didn?t have enough real milk left in the refrigerator. I reluctantly pulled out the soy milk and stared at it for a while thinking, ?Do I really want to try this?? In the end, I think I can be adventuresome when I anticipate a reasonable chance of something tasting good. In the case of soy milk, I expected it to not taste like milk and figured I?d be disappointed. Still, I poured myself a glass and gave it a sip. It wasn?t bad. I?m actually considering replacing our real milk with the Silk. Nutritionally, they seem pretty similar and the Silk doesn?t have the associated guilt of mistreated cows somewhere in Wisconsin.

I also used the Silk to make a chai tea. While I may like plain Silk better than plain milk, I think that milk makes a better chai tea. I?ll have to see how Silk does in the chocolate milk category before I make a final decision.

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