Sunday, September 28, 2008


So I spent literally 8 hours figuring out how to automatically move the old chezmodi posts into Blogger. Blogger offers no import tool, but it does offer an email to post option. So I figured I just needed a script that would grab the posts, turn them into emails (properly formatted), attach the appropriate figures (with appropriate mime-types), and voila, I'd be done.

That was 8 hours of work ago. Three different ideas for sending. Much gnashing of hair and tearing of teeth.

Then I finally got it working, and wandered downstairs to tell Tim all about it. Then I came back and discovered that although my script was still running (unsurprisingly, since it's a WHOLE lot of posts), my posts were no longer appearing.

Apparently, if you try to make more than about 10 posts in a day, blogger decides you're spamming, and wants a captcha for each one. If you emailed them, you're supposed to have the saved as drafts (awaiting a captcha I guess), but I don't see them anywhere.

So I guess I'm going to run this dratted script every day for the next month. Or get good at captchas. Or both. Have I mentioned that I suck at captchas?

So if you're wondering why there's only a small assortment of 2004 posts in the archive, well, that's why. :P

The good news is that we should no longer be subjected to comment spam. So leave a comment, ok? :)

Update, Tuesday 9/30 - apparently I can get more than 10 posts a day in, but I'm still getting locked out at about 20-30 a day. So maybe it'll only take me TWO weeks.

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